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another space review London

My latest fitness experience in London took me to Leicester Square and as I put myself through a hot yoga session at Another Space.

Another Space (London) is a two minute walk from Leicester Square tube or 5 minutes from Covent Garden.

Another Space offer several different fitness classes asides from yoga, including HIIT (circuit training) and spin classes, which they refer to as ‘cycle’.

The venue or ‘space’ itself is up there with being one of the best training facilities in London and they’ve led the design based on their motto: ‘everything you need. Nothing you don’t’. It genuinely looks as though it was built yesterday in a zen-like state. It’s spacious; power-showers are on site and they provide you with towels and every cosmetic product under the sun. They also have healthy food, protein shakes and smoothies available after you train.


Another Space Fitness Class

The class itself was tough. I’ve now been to 5 different hot yoga classes in London and this one has been promoted to the top of the leader board for ‘most challenging’, yet it was all done in around hour, as opposed to traditional Bikram Yoga that lasts for 90 minutes.
Again, for me it seems like they take their ethos very seriously.


Everything you need. Nothing you don’t.


The class had a certain flow to it that meant if you weren’t on the ball, you’d get left behind, which means you’re continually holding a position of some sort. This makes their yoga class a great experience for people who are moderately experienced doing yoga. You certainly need a solid baseline of endurance to keep up and it will certainly challenge you.

Something else I really rate about Another Space, compared to other yoga classes in London I’ve attend, is that they allow you to book your own mat, once all mats are booked then they stop allowing new anyone else to book onto the class. This is something that other yoga classes in London need to wise up to and take note, too often classes get oversubscribed, not desirable when the premise of yoga is largely based around stretching. By all accounts their HIIT classes follow suit: book a space or a spin bike and you’re good to go!

The slight downside with Another Space is that they are not yet on ClassPass, so if you wanted to attend a class to trial it out, you’d need to buy a credit directly. This can be quite pricey and 1 credit (training session) is £20, although you can bulk buy classes at Another Space for cheaper rates.

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