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Best’s Bootcamp Review | London Fitness Boot Camp

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best's bootcamp london

Best’s Bootcamp Review

Near Tube: Charing Cross

Best’s Bootcamp is a recent additional to the London fitness class mix and in just a year, they’ve made quite an impact at delivering intense training sessions sufficient to relieve the stress of an London city worker!

I was fortunate enough to be part of the Best’s Bootcamp launch and participate in one of their first ever ‘Best Cycle’ classes. The Best Cycle class adds a different dimension to regular spinning and the blend of intense cycle sprints and climbs, combined with the intermittent use of free weights ensures that each limb is taken to its lactic limit!

The session lasts around an hour and you’ll be exposed to motivation from the instructor throughout, as well as some heavy tunes to push you over the line.

best's bootcamp london

A couple of weeks after the Best Cycle class, I then tried out their flagship Class: ‘Best’s Bootcamp’. With the promise of all out treadmill sprint intervals, separated only by grueling weight training, I knew I was in for a treat; and it delivered!

Sessions such as this certainly aren’t subtle with how they achieve results, you sign up to endure a tough training session for 60 minutes or you go somewhere else. That said, it’ all relative to you and your fitness levels when the class begins; you chose the weight you want to lift for exercises along with the speed you wish to run at for the sprint intervals.

The format of the training session switches between both using the treadmill for interval sprints and bouts of weight training, including kettlebells and dumbbells. The combination of the two targets the aerobic system for the duration of the session, whilst also using the weights to develop improved muscle tone. As such the oxygen demand throughout the session is incredibly high, leading to both a ramped up heart rate and EPOC (excessive post-exercise oxygen consumption), which has been proven to boost your metabolism and aid fat loss for up to 48 hours post-session.

The intense nature of this form of training session make it an effective means of training 2/3 times a week. Speaking from experience, if you undergo a session like this daily, you wind up doing more harm than good, purely because a session like this leads to a lot of tissue breakdown and it can fatigue the central nervous system (CNS). The consequences of not resting after this type of session include common over training symptoms, such as severe tiredness and constant muscle pain.

For more information on symptoms of overtraining, check out this article.

If any of the above is deterring you from wanting to experience Best Boot Camp, then you’ve miss-read the message. The training system they adopt – although intense – is arguable the most effective at inflicting positive change onto the body and if you can work toward getting 1 to 2 sessions in this format each week, I strongly urge you to do so.

If your aim is to develop a strong, fit and lean physique, then not only will the results you get from Best’s Bootcamp be somewhat unrivaled, but you’ll also thoroughly enjoy and learn to appreciate the entire training process.

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