Bodyweight Training Session – Primrose Hill

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body weight training - primrose hill

With the good weather now with us in London I’ve decided to take as many of my training session outside, using London’s parks to get a workout in and top up the vitamin D! The most recent was a body weight training session in Primrose Hill (Nearest tube: Chalk Farm).

Hidden away between Regents Park and Primrose Hill is a gem of an outdoor workout venue.

With several frames set up giving you the opportunity to get in a full body workout, using only your bodyweight.

The area has straight pull up bars, gymnast rings and dip bars and lots more body weight training apparatus. If that wasn’t enough – as the name suggests – there’s also a 80m-100m hill to blast out some high intensity interval training, in the form of hill sprints with walk back recovery.

Some of the best sessions I’ve ever had have been sessions where you improvise with what you have at your disposal, it naturally leads to using different energy systems and hitting different muscle groups than you usually would if you just went to the gym and done your regular training session using the same old workout equipment.

If you’ve only recently started your resistance training protocol and still developing the necessary strength before being able to do body weight exercises such as chin ups and dips, then you can use rubber bands to provide you with the necessary support to pull and push through the resistance.

resistance bands

Attaching a resistance band (such as the ones shown above) to your knees, whilst attached to the frame enables the band to assist you whilst you lift. The more tension in the resistance band the easier it is to complete the repetitions.


My session on this day consisted of:

8 x 10 chin ups (wide grip)
8 x 10 dips
4 x 10 chin ups (pronated grip)
8 x 20 push ups
6 x 20 leg raises
6 x 30m hill sprints

Sessions such as these really encapsulate a ‘full body workout’ targeting several muscle groups and energy systems.

Next time you get some nice weather, get outside and construct a workout with whatever you have at your disposal, it’s always good to mix up your workouts as much as possible!

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