CBD Powder

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CBD Powder

CBD powder is typically one of the strongest forms of CBD you can buy on the market and if the quality is high enough, usually comes at a very high compound purity.

This type of CBD comes in crystallised form and the precision with which it’s made means that the risk of trace amounts of THC and other compounds are minimal.

The purity of the Cannabidiol within most CBD powders means that it comes at a higher expense than many other forms of the product, such as CBD spray, CBD oil and CBD edibles,which are essentially diluted forms of the CBD powder or crystal.

Prices of CBD powder can be anywhere from £50-£600, depending on both product quality and volume. The raw nature of CBD powder means that you can be versatile with how you consume CBD, in terms of the concentration you wish to consume.

Product Recommendation:

CBD Powder

CBD Crumble by Pharm Hemp. The crystalised form of the compound comes at 80% purity with this product and is extracted from hemp. The product is not only high quality by also comes at good value at just £65.99.



The most popular way to consume CBD is orally accompanied with some sort of oil to dilute the concentration.

Oils commonly used to mix CBD with include olive oil and coconut oil. Concentration can easily be manipulated using this method, however it’s common to mix 1g of CBD crystals with 10ml of the chosen oil. This gives a 10% CBD concentration.


For the more creative CBD consumers there’s the option to make various CBD edibles using CBD powder.

To do this you can simple heat up some butter to a low melting point and add your desired amount of CBD powder. This can be then be added to the edible you’re making.


Vaping is a discreet and popular way of consuming CBD.

This method of consuming CBD was brought to the forefront of sports media in 2016 when Nate Diaz famously vaped the compound in a post-fight pres conference against Connor Mcgregor.

cbd powderImage copyright MMA News.

In order to turn CBD powder into a vape liquid, it needs to be mixed with a regular, non-nicotine e-liquid. Common vape CBD concentration is 200mg per 10ml. To ensure the CBD dissolves properly within the e-liquid, use an e-liquid solution of 70|30 (iPropylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin) and heat the solution to 50 degree Celcius before adding the CBD powder.


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