Cold Water Therapy

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cold water therapy

Many of you are likely questioning my timing and relevance as a health and fitness blogger with this post title. It’s mid-November and I’m banging on about why you should jump into a freezing cold shower for 10 minutes a day, which to some may sound like a death sentence. However cold water therapy, or – in terms of practicality – cold shower therapy, isn’t something that should be seasonal and truly something you can do day-to-day to yield, in some cases scientific (otherwise anecdotal) benefits to your health and well-being.


cold shower therapy

‘Basking’ in an ice bath


Having researched this form of therapy a couple of weeks ago I challenged myself to have an ice cold shower/bath twice a day: once when I first get out of bed (killer) and then again immediately after I’ve trained. I’m now at the point where it’s simply automatic and the stabbing initial 5 seconds of cold gets far outweighed by the benefits you feel 10 minutes after you get out.


What are the benefits of cold water therapy?

It’s hard to believe that something so simple that most of us have at our disposal can actually have significant health benefits, but it’s true. Let’s start with engaging the immune system:

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