Cold Water Therapy

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cold water therapy

Reduces Inflammation

So many people are walking around full of inflammation, caused by an array of modern day life stresses such as smoking, obesity and stress.

Inflammation is a normal immune response to injury and necessary for recovery, however if inflammation becomes chronic, which is usually the result of an auto-immune response, it can lead to health issues. This is because your body is working overtime, all the time, which can lead to cellular damage that can develop into organ damage.

Cold water therapy helps to reduce inflammation within the body, as indicated in a study that combined ice cold water immersion with various other intervention practices. It’s this reason why elite athletes such as Kobe Bryant and Andy Murray take ice baths soon after they’ve trained or competed. It allows their body’s to better get inflammation after exercise at a necessary minimum and help with recovery. This also has an influence on the next point regarding regulating mood.

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