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digme fitness london review


Nearest tube: Moorgate

Digme Fitness Review

If you’re like me and love the challenge and benefits that come with competition, head over to Digme Fitness, London ASAP. Hopefully this Digme Fitness Review will convince you why to do so!

Digme Fitness originated in Oxford and now have fitness classes in Richmond, Moorgate and Blackfriars, providing the people of the South with spinning classes that push you to 110%.

At this point you’re likely asking yourself two questions: 1) Does this guy understand the basic principles of math? 2) How can a fitness class exceed your maximum perceived output? But there’s reason behind this.

Digme Fitness provide a visual representation of your performance in relation to the rest of the class throughout the fitness class – it’s effectively an intense 40 minute cycling race inside a 60×60 room in London!

You are assigned an avatar which represents your performance throughout the spin class, as well as a complete log of your stats at the end of the session, including average RPM/cadence (rotations per minute), average power output and calorie expenditure.

Let’s face it, everyone is competitive and Digme Fitness have, in effect, used this innate psychological trait to create an environment that pushes people that bit harder. At the end of the day, if you’re going to a spin class it’s likely your intensions are to expend calories, so having this element of competition which enhances calorie expenditure is a big asset.

I will warn the competitive readers to brace yourself for a tough session, there’s really nothing like seeing your avatar slip back from the leading pack on a screen in a room full of people!

To give it more context: my heart rate hit 190BMP and my calorie output exceeded 600 in less than 40 minutes.

If all this wasn’t good enough, I couldn’t credit the staff and fitness instructor more. The intensity (resistance and RPM) levels were clearly specified for hill climbs, sprint bouts. Steady state recovery was also factored in to ensure that sprints and climbs were optimised for the short bout of time. The training session is also inclusive of a cool down stretch routine for 5 minutes post-training session.

Facilities and necessities

The facilities at Digme Fitness (Moorgate) followed the trend with
the level of quality in the class; awesome!digme fitness london

With spacious changing rooms, power showers, dryers, straighteners, lotions: everything you need to freshen up after you’ve trained. Digme Fitness also provide you with a towel both during and after the training session, so no need to bring your own. There’s also loads of water fountains onsite and the option to buy your own water and recovery shakes.

If I done ratings out of 10 for Digme Fitness it’d get an 11 – keeping in theme with the inaccurate math at the start of the article! They have the ability to make you push you passed your perception of giving 100% and this is truly their USP, and an important one for a fitness class.

For more information on Digme Fitness check out their site:


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