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Ethos (Gym) Review

Nearest tube: Liverpool Street

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It’s their Ethos

Ethos gym, London, is positioned in the heart of London city centre, slap bang in the middle of Spitalfield market.

Overlooking the hustle and bustle of Londoners and tourists shopping and snacking, Ethos fitness classes provide a real contrast to its nearby environment.

Ethos prides itself on delivering fitness classes that work both body and mind synergistically, embodied by their motto “mind body alchemy”. Having now been to 3 of their fitness classes, I can confirm they certainly live up to their motto!

But all of this certainly didn’t happen by accident; the owners of Ethos are Cambridge graduates and apply both their knowledge and up-to- date Cambridge psychology research to optimize and deliver training sessions that enhance psychological and physiological well-being.

For me – their real USP is delivering body balance classes that aim to address body alignment and improving the bio-mechanics for everyone from athletes to city workers. They truly help you to achieve this by offering yoga, core and TRX classes.

The classes they offer can be demanding and as such, your sole focus is on the movement you’re working through and holding at that given moment. On top of that, most of the classes are heated, so it also puts more emphasis on controlled breathing, Something that can only be dictated by the mind.

This form of exercise can initially be very taxing on the body, and they not only offer variance in class intensity but also, the instructors are incredibly helpful, not only during the class but also providing expert advice once the class it over.

Is ethos right for you?

Ethos couldn’t be positioned any more strategically. Many Londoners who work nearby have desk jobs, which can lead to folded posture and can often be quite stressful. Ethos not only helps to assist you realign your posture, but also provides the perfect city oasis to rid yourself of stress and angst.

Even if you’re quite active or you exercise on a regular basis, I’d still recommend giving Ethos a try.

I’ve been taking part in sport and exercise my entire life, but Ethos for me was still a fresh experience, offering benefits that many other forms of exercise and exercise classes rarely facilitate.

As a disclaimer: If you’re new to hot yoga or exercise in general, I’d recommend speaking with one of the trainers about the best class to kick-start your journey.

What classes do Ethos offer?

TRX Spartan

TRX suspension training was created as a form of exercise for navy seals. It’s truly a multi-faceted blend of fitness attributes, it requires strength, core stability and flexibility. This is one of Ethos most challenging classes, made even tougher by the fact that the room is heated to help further detoxify the body. Certainly one of the more advanced fitness classes Ethos offer.

Duration: 45 minutes

Ethos elementals flow

: If you have some yoga/pilates experience and you’re looking for somewhere in London to take it up a notch or two, then elementals flow is the class for you!

The fast-paced stretching and strengthening routine moves swiftly from one exercise to another and it a great workout for elongating muscles, which are typically tight and strengthening areas that are often comparatively weak.

Duration: 1 hour

Hot yoga detox 26

I’ve been to a lot of hot yoga classes in London and this, for me, is the gold-standard. All of the Hot yoga classes in London that I’ve been to have been great, and I’d be happy to recommend each of them. However, a slight critique of these other classes is they’re comparatively ‘hands-off’ and operate under the assumption that the class is full of yogis.

In contrast, the tutoring at this hot yoga class at Ethos is more thorough and instructors are clear on the demands of each exercise. If you’re still unclear, the instructors are also more than willing to intervene and make adjustments where necessary.

This is just a few of the classes Ethos offer and should give you a glimpse into their unique fitness space.

You can see all the classes available here.

Facilities and necessities

The gym facilities are modern blended with a touch of the ancient east. They have showers available and you’re given a towel before you begin your class.

You’ll need to take a lot of water into your class. The intensity blended with the elevated room temperature makes it an absolute sweat fest and there’s nothing like severe dehydration to spoil a good training session!

Ethos also sell protein shakes on site and they have a really cool tree-house themed outdoor area to kick back and relax in after you’ve trained.

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