The Health Benefits of Zinc

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What is zinc?

Zinc is a crucial trace mineral necessary for everyday health, common symptoms of zinc deficiency include:

– Poor immune function; regularly getting illnesses.

– Poor memory and lack of ability to concentrate

– Hair Loss

– Chronic fatigue syndrome

– Slow healing wounds

The primary benefit of zinc consumption is for maintaining immune health, achieved by its ability to preserve T-lymphocytes (T cell) growth and function, enabling the body to rid itself of infection and cancerous cells. Zinc also has a profound ability at optimizing natural testosterone levels: the hormone necessary for building muscle and maintaining sex drive.

Another noteworthy benefit of sufficient zinc intake is its ability to maintain/enhance natural secretion of  growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1), which again are incredibly influential on muscle growth.

When should I take this supplement and what is the correct dose?

There is no wrong or right time to take zinc as a supplement, but you should ensure you are consuming 11mg per day

Natural sources?

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[image_with_text_over width=’one_half’ image=’’ icon=” icon_size=’fa-lg’ icon_color=” title=’Cashews’ title_color=’#ffffff’ title_size=” title_tag=”]

A 100g serving of cashews contains 5.7mg of zinc, which is around 50% of the daily recommended allowance.


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Oysters contain 78mg of zinc per 100g, which is 520% of your daily recommended intake



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Pumpkin seeds contain 10.3mg of zinc per 100g












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