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I’ve now worked and lived in the city of London for nearing on 4 years. It’s a great place that’s a hub for global cultures, a hot-spot for tourism and the financial capital of the world. With so much going on around the city, along with 9-5’s that typically extend to 9-9’s; Londoner’s are certainly busy and something that will often get overlooked is health, be it physical health or mental health.

A report by the Guardian examined the state of health for Londoner’s compared with the rest of the country. London indexed higher than the rest of England for early deaths from heart disease and stroke, whilst considerably outranking the rest of England for the percentage of adults who follow a healthy diet. Seems contradictory, right?

The message behind these kind of stats is that although you follow a healthy diet – and even lifestyle – you should still ensure you undergo some sort of health screening process at least on an annual basis.

Although you may not have experienced any symptoms that suggest immediate health concerns, it’s always good to fully understand what’s going on ‘under the hood’. Despite your best efforts consciously making smart lifestyle choice, there may well be other factors you’re less aware of causing issues, such as stress or genetics.

If you live a busy lifestyle, you may have limited availability within your work week to factor in full health screening. This led me to the London walk-in clinic, based directly next to ‘the gherkin’ in Aldgate.

The London walk-in clinic offer a variety of health checks and also offer the option to bundle them into their health screening packages: ‘wellman examination’ and ‘wellwoman examination’.

The clinic has good availability and a full health examination takes around an hour and a half.

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The Verdict

The ‘wellman’ examination I underwent was incredibly comprehensive and the GP conducted several health tests, including full blood profile (including inflammatory markers, cholesterol, vitamin D and thyroid function); respiratory function; neurological function and cardiovascular function – among many more!

I received the results of my blood work and Urinalysis the same day as the examination via phone call with my practitioner. 2 days after this I was then emailed all my results, including a summary of the session with the GP and the full blood profile results in PDF format.

This is really useful as it gives you a reference to work off to improve your health.

The service, from the booking process to the health examination, was exceptional and I couldn’t fault any aspect of the experience. I’d strongly recommend this service to any, time-short city worker in London that hasn’t had a health assessment done in the last year.

For more information, prices and contact details to book your appointment, visit the London walk-in clinic.

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