L'Arginine Supplement Benefits

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What is L’Arginine?

L’Arginine is a non-essential amino acid, meaning the body can naturally synthesis it within the body. There are many different uses of supplementing L’Arginine, including reduced blood pressure and helping to treat coronary heart disease. This is because L’Arginine is a vasodilator, meaning it expands (dilates) the body’s blood vessels, allowing blood to flow around the body far more freely.

Who should take this?

Due to L’Arginine’s ability to aid cardio vascular health, I would recommend anyone focused on
improving/maintaining their general health should ensure that intake is sufficient. However another added bonus of L’Arginine, is its ability to improve ‘the pump’ during weight training workouts. The pump –for anyone who isn’t aware – is the sensation of blood entering the muscle, causing the muscle to temporarily expand in size. This can be very beneficial for adding muscle mass as the increased blood flow not only expands the muscle fascia, but also provides the necessary nutrients to aid growth and recovery.


arm pump

Bicep pump during training session

When should I take this?

For training and bodybuilding purposes – I’d recommend taking L’Arginine an hour before your training session for optimal results.

How much should I take?


What are the natural Sources of L’Arginine?

Asides from supplementing L’Arginine, there is also an abundance of this amino acid in plant and meat based foods, including walnuts; pumpkin seeds; peanuts; seafood; salmon and tuna.

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