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What is L’Glutamine?

Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid within muscle tissue amino acids which enhances protein synthesis and reduces the rate of muscle tissue is broken down. Although stores of glutamine are plentiful, it is rapidly depleted when you begin to exert your muscle during exercise. The reason why glutamine is such a powerful supplement for preserving muscle tissue and reducing all round catabolic effects is because it promotes a positive nitrogen balance within the body: an imperative factor for both maintaining and developing muscle tissue. L’glutamine also increases the body’s natural levels of human growth hormone (HGH): the hormone essential for maintaining low body fat levels and gaining lean muscle tissue.

Who should take L’Glutamine?

Glutamine supplementation has particular relevance for athletes undergoing strenuous training regimes, which can lead to depletion of natural reserves leading to muscle loss and compromised immune function (illness).

When should I take this supplement and what is the correct dose?

Athletes and bodybuilders should aim to consume 10g of glutamine per day over the course of 3 separate doses: first thing in the morning, immediately post-session and before bed. Taking l’glutamine at these times is optimal to counteract the high increase in stress hormone cortisol, induced by bout of fasting and strenuous exercise.

Natural sources of glutamine?

Sea food, dairy, eggs, grass-fed beef

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