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educogym city

Educogym Review

Nearest tube: Moorgate

Educogym in Moorgate was actually my first job fresh out a University so my level of experience with this gym and educogym city moorgatetraining format far exceeds that of any other gym or gym class I’ve been to.

The educogym training system is incredibly unique and very much their own. They adopt a hands on approach with all clientele and you’ll very taken care of from start to finish.

Your Educogym trainer will not only take you through your training session, but also hold you accountable to a somewhat strict dieting regime that you’ll be provided with. Such a focused approached yields incredible results. The initial programme you’ll undergo is a 12 day kick-start and they boast the fact that clients typically see 7lbs of fat loss and 3lb of muscle gained in this short space of time.

These figures are actually relatively modest, during my time there as an employee I witnessed clients lose over 9lbs of fat.

The aim of the Educogym training sessions and diet are to exhaust the muscle fibres, elicit a huge excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) and reduce/stabilise insulin secretion. This systematic approach has been university examined and proven to create fantastic results from incredibly short training sessions and all within a short space of time.

Educogym Training sessions

Training sessions at Educogym are incredibly time efficient and will take no longer than 20 minutes. As you can imagine, to achieve such good results in such a short space of time, they are brutal!

For the initial 12 day kick-start, you’re training every weekday (Monday-Friday) and the sessions are split out to hit different muscle groups each day: legs; shoulders and arms; chest and back.

Each Educogym training session has anywhere from 4 to 8 exercises; you perform 3 sets, 6 reps of each exercise (without a break) and move straight onto the next exercise, again without any kind of pause between exercise to recover.

An example of a typical sessions looks something like:

Exercise 1: Bench press (3 x 6 reps)

Exercise 2: Lat pulldown (3 x 6 reps)

Exercise 3: Dips (assisted or unassisted) 3 x 6 reps)

Exercise 4: Chin ups (assisted or unassisted) 3 x 6 reps)

Exercise 5: Push ups (3 x 6)

Exercise 6: standing rowers (3 x 6 reps)

As muscle fatigue begins to kick in with each set, the weight lifted in each set is obviously decreased.

The weights lifted in each session are logged by your Educogym trainer and are used as a bases to decide the weights you’ll lift in the next session.

This high intensity training format allows the muscles to be exposed to progressive overload, somewhat essential for developing muscle tissue and you’ll also notice, especially early on, that your muscle strength will increase.

It’s worth mentioning that the Educogym training system isn’t just solely designed for fat-loss, the management and instructors are fully aware of the importance of muscle tissue. Too often when someone is looking to ‘tone up’ personal trainers will mainly focus on reducing body weight as one entity. Educogym recognize that bodyweight needs to be defined as fat and muscle, with the aim to be burn fat, add muscle.

Maintaining and adding muscle is essential because muscle is active tissue and thus boosts your metabolic rate. If you start crash dieting and deplete both fat and muscle tissue, you’re essentially decreasing your metabolic rate. Meaning that if you ever lapse back into old lifestyle habits (bad eating habits), you’re in grave danger of packing on a lot more fat than before the diet began.

The Educogym diet

Something unique to Educogym is that they provide you with a diet plan to use throughout your time training with them.

For the initial 12 day kick-start you’ll be given a ketogenic diet plan, which is a diet comprised of high fats, no carbs and moderate protein intake. This diet reduces your insulin secretion and puts your body in a fat burning state, where in which you utilise ketone bodies to create energy, as opposed to carbohydrates.

Ketogenic diets are incredibly effective at torching fat, speaking both anecdotally, scientifically and having witnessed hundreds of people use this dieting strategy to great effect.

The foods you’ll typically be eating on a diet such as this, include salmon, eggs, avocado, various nuts and loads of green salad.

Assessing the progress

Again – somewhat unique to Educogym – is how they monitor your progress. Along with using using scales to track body weight, Educo also monitor your body fat percentage as you progress, using skinfold callipers. You’ll also get your pictures taken to showcase your before and after results.

Things to consider

Following the Educogym regime certainly takes will-power. Adjusting to a ketogenic diet whilst undergoing high intensity weight training can be tough, especially for the first few days. That said; the results you’ll achieve at the end of will make the journey worthwhile.

It’s all about focusing your attention on the end goal: something else that Educo will nail into your psyche, which holds you in good stead along the way.

A barrier for people before signing up to Educo gym is the price. I can only speak with regards to the Educogym City branch, who charge around £500 per month for their standard package. This will entitle you to 12 sessions each month and regular progress catch ups with your trainer.

Initially this may seem like a lot of money, however if you consider a personal trainer would typically charge £60 a session in London, you begin to realise the true value. Especially when you factor in the results these guys achieve with their clients.

To close, I’d recommend anyone who is deadly serious about making a commitment to transforming their body to sign up to Educogym City or another Educo gym branch local to them.

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