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Fierce Grace Review

Nearest Tube: Chalk Farm

Fierce grace offer hot yoga sessions in London. Fierce Grace actually introduced Bikram Yoga to London, back in 1994. They now offer 6 different classes, from beginning yoga classes to advanced yofierce grace reviewga classes for the experience yogi’s.

They also now have 6 yoga studios across London, including studios in Finchley; Primrose Hill; Brixton; Old Street; Kentish Town and Queens park, truly making hot yoga accessible to all Londoners at all levels.

My experience of Fierce Grace yoga is associated with their Primrose Hill branch; the class: ‘Classic’.

As somewhat of a newbie to yoga I opted this for this class on the basis it’s applicable to all levels, whilst still providing a yoga session to facilitate the development of core strength; flexibility and working on total body alignment: a key focus of mine at the moment.

The routine, along with instructors certainly made it an effective yoga session. The positions that you go through are applicable to ‘new yogis’ and not overly complex, yet still having a positive impact on alleviating notoriously tight areas that develop as a consequence of sitting for long bouts of time, such as the hip flexors and shoulders. All this whilst still developing strength in areas that lead to improved posture, including the core and the glutes.

If you’re anything like me and find yourself sitting for long bouts of time, then you’re likely developing/developed upper and lower cross syndrome. This is essentially a postural issue where you fold forward at the shoulders and hip. It can often lead to pain and injuries so find remedies,such as yoga, is crucial for maintaining healthy body alignment.

Whilst the movements and instructions are applicable to benefiting people who are new to yoga and suffer with the posture issues above, I would still say that if you are completely new to yoga and rarely train, this may not be the right class to start on.

The reason for this is because of the 90 minute class duration. 90 minutes of regular yoga for someone who is completely new to this training type may be tough enough, but the fact that the room is heated to a fairly high temperature makes it a pretty tough class to initiate yourself onto.

Instead – if you are completely new to yoga and even training in general – maybe opt for their ‘warm’ or ‘S.O.B’ class, which allow you to train in a lower temperature or for less time respectively.

If you’re unsure on what class to kick-start on then do speak with one of the Fierce Grace instructors who are both incredibly experienced and very helpful, sharing their knowledge to identify the best course of action for your needs.

Facilities and necessities

It’s worth noting that you’ll need to rent both a towel and a yoga mat; you’ll also need a lot of water! They do have communal showers (can only speak for the men’s) and changing rooms on site, which is more of a necessity and less of a luxury after a sweat-fest session like this.


In terms of instructing, Fierce Grace is certainly one of the best yoga glasses in London.

However, an issue with Fierce Grace, in comparison to other hot yoga classes in London, is the over-subscribed classes.

Fierce Grace encourage and appeal to everyone to take up and reap the benefits of hot yoga. They were actually the major influence in me starting yoga. It’s a superb approach to adopt, opening yoga up to everyone. However due to Fierce Grace’s success at providing Londoners with superb yoga sessions, they have naturally become very popular. This leads to a lack of floor space during popular periods and I think the total experience would be enhanced if classes were capped at a lower capacity. Again, I can only speak with regards to the Primrose Hill branch.

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