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Studi Lagree Review

Nearest tube: Moorgate

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I’m going to open boldly: Studio Lagree was one of the toughest classes I’ve ever done, inside or outside of London.

This revolutionary way of training devised by Lagree was popularized in Hollywood and boasted such good results that has made its way over the channel, now with Studio Lagree classes in the UK (London) and Germany.

The unique exercise machine – exclusive to Studio Lagree – are designed to hit muscles that most other exercise equipment don’t and are not capable of, allowing you to develop core strength essential for total body balance, sports performance and injury prevention.

The sessions themselves are 50 minutes long and primarily require that you brace the core whilst using the extremities to create the movement of the panel below you. The movements that you’re instructed to do ensure that you really do get a total body workout (a phrase so often overused these days, but true in this instance).

Although the results you achieve after a course of training at Studio Lagree are superb, the road to achieving such results is tough.

The Studio Lagree Machine

The exercise station used is called the Megaformer™. Created by founder Sebastien Lagree, the Megaformer™ was designed to progressively exhaust slow twitch muscle fibres which develop muscular and aerobic endurance. The thought-out design of this machine, along with the clear instructions and time keeping from the instructor achieve this goal with a straight A grade.

Is Studio Lagree right for you?

The benefits of training at Studio Lagree are extensive. Although the classes typical attract clientele who are keen to tone the entire body, the functional benefits of a sessions at Studio Lagree are undervalued and training in this format should be considered by athletes. Too often when it comes to developing the aesthetic of the body or working on sports performance, you become focused and zone into just a few performance variables, be it hypertrophy, speed, power etc. Something that gets gravely neglected in the process is the core muscles that stabilize the entire torso.

I myself have neglected training the core stabilisers over the years and I attribute that to being the reason why this class was so tough for me, but the best kind of tough! It identified an area of
weakness and got to work at developing the core stabilizers right from the start.

I wouldn’t be lying if I said by the end of the session my entire abdomen felt tighter. Great from both an aesthetic perspective and developing core stabilizers that support the entire body.

If you want to prevent risk of developing injury, reduce back pain and greatly improve posture, then Studio Lagree is the place for you. If that wasn’t enough to incentivise you give this a go, then the
physique transformation you’ll undergo might be. Studio Lagree provides you with a platform to sculpt a lean, strong physique without going to a regular gym.

The environment and atmosphere in Studio Lagree is also very different to that of a regular gym. The classes are focused. But the instructors and other members in the classes are very friendly and helpful.

I would recommend that prior to signing up to Studio Lagree, that you firstly develop a baseline level of fitness. Although at face value the sessions don’t look incredibly aerobic, the oxygen demand required by the muscles is very high to perform these exercises for 1 hour. Therefore if you’re starting from scratch, consider initially building up some muscular and aerobic endurance, by performing body weight exercises, involving the core, along with some cardio using aerobic equipment such as the rowing machine or cross-trainer.

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