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Does It Matter Where You Get Your Fitness Inspiration From?

posted by stevewatson77 September 21, 2017 0 comments

Motivation is one of the key cornerstones of fitness. Without it you have a strong chance of failing to achieving your goals. There is a lot of potential inspiration to be found, especially in the media. In this post we look at three popular sources of information and discuss how they can inspire you.


Film has a long history of being one of the biggest influences on human culture. When it comes to fitness the inspiration is obvious, just look at the cover of the majority of fitness magazines and you will see a film star flexing.

The film star physique is often seen as unattainable. This is why articles on actors like John Krasinski, who start off with “regular” bodies before getting into great shape, are popular. The best aspect of these articles is that they show that transformations are not impossible and that with hard work you can get into the best shape of your life. While it is great that actors like John Krasinski share their workout secrets it should be noted that it is their job to get into film star shape. They are paid a lot of money, and given the best trainers, to achieve the results.
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There is a lot of inspiration to be found on TV. One advantage that TV has over film is that viewers can connect more readily to the stars, especially if they are from reality TV shows. Reality shows have become one of the most dominant forms of programming in the UK and many contests have gone on to become stars.

One of the most popular shows is The X-Factor. The show has become linked in the public conscious to the idea of achieving their goals. The X-Factor brand is a worldwide enterprise and features international versions of the show across the globe. The X-Factor also has a strong online presence through The X-Factor Games which has titles that are targeted at fans of the show. With the brand covering such a huge area of the media it puts a lot of weight behind contestants who talk about fitness. When Paul Akister discusses losing weight through exercise and dieting, fans listen because they can see themselves in him much more than a film star. Using Akister as inspiration is better than aspiring to be a film star or fitness model because the goals are much more achievable.

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The internet is a great place for finding information that can be specifically tailored to your needs. For instance, here on Stewatsonfitness  we have an article that deals exclusively with the skinny guys building muscle. With a bit of effort you can find many inspiring sites that cover every aspect of fitness. A lot of print health magazines like Men’s Health will also have a website that covers many of the issues discussed in the magazine.

One obvious pitfall of the internet is the amount of information there is. While a lot of the information is true, there is just as much false or misleading information. As anyone can post their opinion it can be easy to get lost in the different opinions expressed on the web. One tip to look for is the website owner’s credentials. If you look at the About Me section of this site you will see fitness experience through personal training and a degree in sport and exercise at Loughborough University. A quick check and you should be able to tell you if the website giving advice is qualified to do so.

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