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6 Foods Essential For Muscle Growth

posted by stevewatson77 June 15, 2016 1 Comment

Since the commercialization of the fitness and bodybuilding industry, there seems to be a heightened need for supplementation, to the point where many now use these product instead of eating whole foods in a bid to add quality muscle mass. This should not be the case, supplements should always remain as products that compliment training and nutrition, they should never serve as food replace unless absolutely necessary. The reason for this is because foods provide several macro and micro-nutrients essential for healthy muscle growth with no additives or preservatives. Here are 10 foods I strongly recommend you add to your nutrition regime:

Broccolibroccoli - muscle building food

Packed full of antioxidants, broccoli allows the body to rid itself of tissue damaging free-radicals. Furthermore this vegetable contains compounds ndole-3-carbinol and D-glucaric acid, which work together in reducing the amount of estrogen in the body, a major benefit when looking to give rise to testosterone and gain lean muscle mass.



Although fairly expensive as meat goes, salmon is an absolute wonder food for gaining size and maintaining all round general health. This is because not only is salmon naturally incredibly high in protein, but it also contains high amounts of creatine and omega-3 fatty acid.

Red skin peanuts

Many bodybuilders and recreational gym users will often refer to ‘the pump’: the sensation of blood rushing into the muscle causing it to expand. ‘The pump’ not only looks great, but also helps with muscle growth and recovery. Redskin peanuts contain high amounts of l‘arginine: an amino acid that expands the blood vessels in the body allowing for improved blood circulation and a better pump.

Greek yoghurt

Greek yoghurt is naturally low in fat and incredibly high in protein, in particular casein protein, which is slow-release and provides the body with a drip feed of protein for up to 7 hours after consumption. This is perfect for consuming before going to bed as it will help the muscle recover whilst you are sleeping.


Not only are eggs really convenient and easy to cook, but they also go a long way in helping you in your bid to pack on muscle mass. This is because they are packed full of amino acids, one amino acid particularly abundant in eggs is leucine: an essential amino acids which up-regulates protein synthesis allowing for faster muscle recovery. The high amount of cholesterol within the egg yolk also helps aid muscle recovery by increasing the body’s natural testosterone production.


Not only does beef contain large amounts of protein (6-7g per oz), but it also comes with many more benefits to eliciting muscle growth. Another crucial element is the amount of creatine naturally found within beef (1g per 8oz). Creatine enables to body to train at a higher intensity for longer bouts of time, therefore creating the stimulus for muscle growth.

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