Q&A Vol.1

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Can you eat too much protein?

Yes, in fact consuming protein in excessive doses can have serious effects on health and can even lead to renal failure. Instead of living by the motto ‘more is better’, try to aim for 1.4g of protein per kilogram of bodyweight. This is a safe and effective amount of protein to consume on a daily basis to meet your recovery needs.

Will I lose my muscle if I do cardio?

Research suggests that if you train at a high intensity, your body will break down muscle into amino acids to fuel the exercise you’ve embarked on. An example of exercise that would induce this response would be something similar to long distance running, this will increase your heart rate to 120 beat per minute+ for long periods of time. Instead aim for lower intensity cardio, such as walking, this will keep your heart rate below 120 beats per minute and will only require the breakdown of fats. This form of training is particularly effective at burning fat if done first thing in the morning in a fasted state.

What is the purpose of a cheat meal?

For anyone unaware of the concept of a cheat meal; this is a meal that typically contains foods astray from your regular strict diet. These food are usually high in calories, such as pizza or ice cream. It is my belief that cheat meals are not only beneficial physiologically, but also psychologically.

When you diet – in the traditional sense – you put your body into a mild starvation mode, as you are consuming less calories than you are expending. Consequently your body reacts by reducing your metabolic rate; a sensible, natural response to prevent the body becoming too depleted and wasting away. A great way to reboot your metabolism is by consuming a large bolus of calories, this tells the body that it isn’t starving and doesn’t need to compensate by reducing the amount of calories its expends. This meal also has psychological benefits as it gives you a goal to aim for and allows you to satisfy those irritable cravings that can build up.

How can I tone up my chest?

Spot specific fat reduction – to a great extent is a myth. If your goal is to trim fat around the chest area you need to strategically aim to shred fat across the body, whilst looking to maintain as much lean tissue as you go. In order to achieve this you must continue to provide the stimulus to maintain the muscle, by lifting adequate weight, however as calories are being reduced you must be cautious not to train for too long as this will likely result in muscle wastage whilst in this state

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