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Raspberry Ketones

posted by stevewatson77 June 29, 2016 0 comments

What are raspberry ketones?

As the name suggests, raspberry ketones are a chemical found naturally in red raspberries, however due to the lack of abundance found naturally within this source, the supplement itself is often synthetically produced. The main purpose of using this as a health and fitness is supplement is largely down to its thermogenic capabilities: the ability to increase the body’s core temperature leading to an increased breakdown of fat (lipolysis). Further positive effects leading to weight loss includes a reduced appetite and increased energy expenditure. Interest in manufacturing this product spiked in 2010 when scientists found this ketone’s molecular structure was very similar to capsaicin: the thermogenic component found within chilli pepper.

Although at a theoretic level raspberry ketones increase the body’s basal core temperature, it’s worth noting that there are no conclusive studies carried out using this product on human subjects. The products reported benefits were enhanced by celebrity endorsement and mainstream PR, as opposed to extensive scientific research.

Who should take raspberry ketones?

If your goal is to optimize your natural capacity to enhance thermogenesis of the body in a bid to increase your metabolism and burn fat then this supplementing with this product should be considered.

When should I take this supplement and what is the correct dose?

Although there isn’t necessarily a correct time to take this supplement, I would recommend taking it prior to exercising primarily due to its ability to up-regulate epinephrine secretion, increasing the body’s ability to generate energy prior to a workout.


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