How to set up and use suspension trainers

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benefits of suspension training

Suspension training uses one’s body to deliver a total body workout by increasing stability, improving flexibility and strengthening the muscles. It’s basically the use of nylon straps on your arms or feet and using one’s body for resistance.

No matter which position one chooses to use the straps in, you end up either improving balance, stabilizing your core or building power and strength throughout the body.

I use suspension training on my beginner clients as well as professional athletes who are already used to intense workouts, but need more training variety.

These steps will guide you with the information you need on how to use suspension trainers effectively:

Purchase a suspension trainer

The first thing you need to do is go out and actually buy yourself one. Sounds pretty simple huh? It actually is.

There are various brands of suspension trainers such as Protone, JLL, TRX, Valkyrie, Leogreen and Senshi. My go to brand is TRX because it’s the one I use most and it has never disappointed me.

Other people choose to build their own but I would not advice that unless you believe in your craft 100%.

How to set up the suspension trainer

Ensure that you have a stable anchor point that is at least 7 feet from the ground. Anchoring the trainer directly above you makes it much more diverse to various types of exercise.

It will enable you to move in many positions that will benefit you.

For a novice I would advise beginning by tilting on your back with your feet firm on the ground while pulling away and towards the anchor point.

For someone that is used to exercise I would suggest an up and down movement directly below the anchor since the resistance makes it difficult with every pull.

How to use a suspension trainer

The beauty of suspension training is the versatility of exercises that can be performed using the equipment.

When using your hands and leaning on your back, the closer your heels are to the anchor point, the harder the resistance and intense it is. The further your feet are from the anchor point in the same position, the easier it is.

When you lie on the ground with your feet in the straps while you pull top to bottom, the closer that you are to the anchor position, the easier the resistance. While in the same position, the further you are to the anchor, the more the resistance, the harder the workout.

Versatility of suspension trainers

Suspension trainers can be used both outdoor and indoor to achieve your work out goals.

You can use them outside in your garden, at the park or at the gym. In the house you can attach it to a bar, a strong hook or anything else that is firm enough to support your weight. Always ensure you test it out before starting your work out.

5 Benefits of suspension trainers

  • It is suitable for all ages since there are a number or resistance levels that are achieved by one’s own body.
  • It is used to burn fat when doing interval rounds.
  • It tones up and strengthens body muscles.
  • It increases balance and muscle resistance.
  • It can be combined with other exercise accessories such as bosu balls.

Guest Post By Daniel (@TheFitnessCrab)

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