Tech wearables for fitness – A review of the MIO Fuse

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mio global review


Overall fitness and health is made up of many variables, many of which can to tracked to an accurate level, this includes calorie expenditure, quality and duration of sleep and heart rate (a key metric for heart health). Before the age of tech ‘wearables’, tracking metrics such as this was possible, however the degree of accuracy was lesser and you’d need separate equipment for monitoring each metric, those days are now long gone and this all-in-one technology makes this far more plausible and realistic on a long term basis.

I’ve recently been testing a tech wearable that fits into the health and well-being spectrum: The MIO Fuse, able to monitor sleeping pattern, calories expenditure and distance covered by foot mio fuse exercise bikeagainst a goal pre-determined by you. All information is monitored using wristband technology, which constantly monitors your pace and movement, information is then stored on the MIO app, free to download on iPhone and android.

In truth I’ve always been somewhat of a skeptic of this form of wearable tech, not in its ability to deliver accurate results, but the purpose they serve and whether or not it was too much information, and the pursuit of being healthy is more straightforward than having to log fairly granular information. However having now experienced using this technology, I’m converted!

What are the benefits?

There’s no escaping the fact that dieting and making fitness progress is ultimately a scientific process, even at the basic level many would argue that weight loss and weight gain (builking) is a game of calories in vs calories out. The foundation of many modern dieting techniques is built around calorie counting, however a flaw of techniques such as these is the assumption that calorie intake remains stable day-to-day and doesn’t factor in fluctuations in caloric output. For example one day you may spend the entire day in the office, sedentary, whereas another day you may go gym and be on your feet walking round for the remainder of the day. The difference between these days is not just aching muscles, but potentially a deviation of thousands of calories – a massive factor to consider when looking to implement effective nutrition for your goals. Based on this premise the only way to calorie count accurately day-to-day is by recording your calorie expenditure and adjusting food intake accordingly – this is where the MIO Fuse is an absolute god send and I’m now able to chop-and-change my fitness regime and eating habits daily, based on this data.
sleep tracking screengrab
Another useful feature this product offers is the sleep tracker. Something often overlooked within the health and fitness world and the wider world in general is sleep. Sleep is not only essential for muscle and cellular rejuvenation but it’s also necessary for cognitive function including memory and mood. The MIO Fuse technology enables me to track not only my sleep duration, but also the quality of sleep I’m getting based on heart rate and movement feedback. This isn’t something you’d be able to immediately address if sleep quality was poor, however it gives you the insight to be able to proceed and take action, as many people are unaware if their quality of sleep is poor and will walk around day-to-day tired, not knowing that they never or rarely fall into a deep sleep (REM sleep).


There will be many people out there who may see a product such as this as a luxury as opposed to a necessity, however the ability to be able to monitor and track your body’s output values is one of the most important factors for achieving most fitness goals, and has to be considered if you want be efficient in inflicting psotive physiological change.

For more information on MIO Global products, please check out their website

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