WADA removes CBD from banned substance list

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The world anti-doping assoisation (WADA) announced last week that the non-psychoactive compound: CBD (cannabidiol), found within cannabis sativa, will be taken off the banned drug lists for sports performance.

The updated list will come into effect in January 2018, so athletes are cautioned not to reach for the CBD spray just yet.

Athletes are also warned that although CBD will soon be prohibited, THC will remain on the banned list. This raises the issue of the purity of CBD products on the market and whether or not some are contaminated with trace amounts of THC that will influence a drug test and may lead to a performance ban.

The most famous case to date of the use of CBD within sport was during the post-fight press conference at UFC 202, where Nate Diaz vaped CBD oil eluding to the healing properties of the compound.


Although current use of CBD is low within the domain of sports performance due to existing rulings, it’s anticipated that the use of CBD may well boom after the new ruling comes into play in the New Year.

CBD may assist athletes with their recovery process and pain relief as it’s a powerful anti-inflammatory and also a sleep aid.

It’s advisable to use the purest form of CBD: CBD powder (crystal), which is typically 98%+ cannabidiol, which can then be mixed with carrier oils such as olive oil and coconut oil. This allows the dose to be easier controlled and minimises the risk of THC and other contamination, which is a risk given the sources that CBD is derived from.

The impact of the introducing CBD as a performance aid are yet to be fully understood, however the benefits from clinical trials suggests it will be a welcome addition to the athlete’s armoury and help combat chronic inflammation.

Could CBD oil be the next whey protein?! Let me know your thoughts below.


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