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Whey Protein

posted by stevewatson77 April 21, 2016 1 Comment

What is whey protein?

Whey is a form of protein that is derived from milk, containing all 9 essential amino acids, also known as a ‘complete protein’. These are called essential amino acids because the body cannot synthesize them using other amino acids, therefore their consumption via day-to-day diet is essential for cellular regeneration and other essential bodily functions.

Who should take this?

Regardless of your goal within the spectrum of fitness, be it bodybuilding; general fitness or weight loss, whey protein has potential to help facilitate that goal, as its primary benefit is to help aid with building lean tissue and assist with muscular recovery. However, it’s worth noting that if the goal is weight loss, pay keen attention to any additional ingredients such as sugars. An obvious lactose intolerance would also rule this out.

When should you consume it?

The bio-availability of whey protein is incredibly high, essentially meaning the body’s absorption rate of this protein source is incredibly high and also fast. The fast-acting nature of whey protein makes it a great option for consumption immediately after training – a time where the muscle has the highest necessity for amino acid replenishment.

How much should you consume?

Serving amount – I believe- should differ from person to person based on age, gender and goals. For general health, aim to get 1.2g-1.7g of protein per kg of body weight daily. If the aim is to gain muscle, then I would aim to get 2g of protein per kg of body weight per day. For best results, I would aim to get 15%-20% of this protein intake post-training session – therefore if you are 100kg with the goal of muscle gain in mind, aim to get around 30g/40g of whey protein on-board after your training session.

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