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Why aren’t I losing weight?

posted by stevewatson77 April 28, 2017 0 comments
why arent i losing weight

Losing weight comes easy to some and incredibly hard to others. You may have begun this tough journey only to get disheartened by the results(or lack there of) leading to reverting back into old lifestyle habits.

Losing weight is far more attainable using a multi-faceted approach. At a basic level, It’s a game of calories in and calories out, therefore on even the most rudimental plane it’s best to have both a structured exercise and training regime that complement one another. However if you dig deeper, the variables surrounding the topic are extensive and you must be sure to address all of them to fully understand the underlying cause of your stagnant weight loss.


Yeah yeah “you need to be consistent with eating right and training – blah blah blah”. You’ve likely heard this or even been criticized previously for lacking consistency with your weight loss approach, but in order to achieve the long-term results you want, it really does take time. It requires you to adopt new practices day in day out, including meal preparation, committing time to training, getting sufficient sleep etc. The reason why you aren’t losing the weight you’re looking to is because you aren’t adopting the lifestyle changes that will get you there. You need to stop seeing this as a short term objective and view it a lifestyle change.

You’re mixing in the wrong circles

It’s said that you becoming the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with, you only need to look at social structures and subcultures to see this and it’s very important when it comes to reaching your goals. The right people you need to be around to hit your weight loss goals are those who will both motivate you and those who will hold you accountable to your actions and goals. This is why successful rate for losing weight is higher among those who commit to groups such as weight watchers, this combines motivation, weekly accountability and strategy to hit your goals. The opposite to this is people who will be intimidated by your ambition and do everything possible to deplete your energy and keep you on their level, mixing too much with this type of person will make it very hard to meet your weight loss goals, so tread carefully!

Get smart

Rome wasn’t built in a day and it certainly wasn’t built by just taking a pill – the same applies to your body and losing weight, you need to create a strategy that fits into your lifestyle. Best ways include picking up the books, taking a class with a personal trainer and just fully immersing yourself in the learning process of the physiology and nutrition that surround losing weight and changing your body composition.

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